The rioting crowd at the Democrat National Convention wouldn’t even let Bill Clinton speak tonight.  I guess they found a way to shut him up that didn’t play poorly for the television cameras.  The man was one of our Presidents and deserved to be heard not hooted and hollered so that he couldn’t even get a word out.  Clinton put on a brave face for Hillary, but you know he wants McCain to win.  I give Bill credit for going through with it, but you know when he did things like calling John McCain an extremist that his heart wasn’t in it.


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9 Responses to “Disgusting”

  1. Bostondreams Says:

    awesome. Simply..awesome.

  2. sooshisoo Says:

    Bill Clinton said what was expected. I would have had more respect for him had he actually voiced the opinion that we all know he harbors regarding Nobama, or not spoken at all.

    As far as the crowds at the DNC, they’re all so drunk on the kool-aid that respect of any kind has long gone right out of the door. Proof of that today during the roll call.

  3. hillismygirl Says:

    I have to disagree with you. I think that Bill gave us plenty of hints that he wanted us all to support McCain. I think he took advantage of the situation to promote John McCain if you knew what to look for.

  4. kitten Says:

    PUMA puma PUMA nobama PUMA i hate bama!
    did you see all the delegates throwing eggs and tomatoes at hillary all night long?
    the MSM cut it out.
    NOBAMA threatened them too!
    Then they threw forks and spoons at bill while he was speaking.
    While they did it, they were Screaming OBAMA is lord.

    PUMA! roooooor!!!

  5. sickofitall Says:

    PLEASE… tell us all of those “hints” that you saw… those code words that Bill sent out to all of you to support McCain. Bill and Hillary are seasoned politicians. They don’t need you, or your bitter illusions.

    Enjoy your little time in the spotlight as PUMAs. I know you completely enjoy the thought of this election being decided by YOU – the proud, the few, the PUMAs – but at least understand that after this week no one will care.

    The only reason that the PUMAs have gotten any attention whatsoever is because the MSM loves drama, and they need it to push up their ratings. In the end, they are all corporations with a bottom line.

    So, I hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the spotlight, because after tomorrow it’s all over. No one will give a rat’s ass about who you vote for. Seriously. Vote for McCain, no one gives a shit. After tomorrow, once Obama has accepted the nomination, it’s off to the Republican Convention next week. The MSM has used the PUMAs for all they’re worth, and they are no longer of any value.

    “The rioting crowd at the Democrat National Convention wouldn’t even let Bill Clinton speak tonight.”

    At first read, I was wondering how someone could really think this. But then I remind myself, all of you are all either Rush Limbaugh operation chaos operatives or just plain idiots. I guess Hillary was also talking in code last night when she asked “Were you in this campaign just for me?”

    I hope you enjoyed your time in the spotlight. Hope you have something else to do next week.

  6. hillismygirl Says:

    Wow sexist much? First off, I’m not a puma. I’m a cougar. There is a big difference. Pumas may or may not vote for John McCain. Cougars have specifically been turned off by Nobama to the point that we will 100% assuredly vote for McCain. Secondly, I remind you that John McCain was a POW.

  7. dwindallas Says:

    This is the greatest blog evah.

  8. sooshisoo Says:

    “did you see all the delegates throwing eggs and tomatoes at hillary all night long?
    the MSM cut it out.”

    Is there video footage of this anywhere?

  9. LEOPARD Says:

    I am a Leopard.

    I find amusement in Cougtards, Pumas, and POW POW POW.

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