Nobama Speaks Tonight


Much like the Greeks built their coliseum on the back of slave labor, the Obama forces have built a Greek themed platform for him to speak from tonight on the backs of Hillary and Bill Clinton.  Why is it that they stuck Hillary back on Tuesday so that they could give Obama Thursday night without her competition?  If they had been smart they would have given Bill and Hillary tonight to make boh their speeches.  If there are two things that Hillary Clinton has built her career on it is health care and cutting the capital gains rate.  I bet Nobama barely touches on the first part tonight and never even mentions the second.  Will he tout the supply side economics that the Clintons have championed or give us more of his Islamo-socialist rhetoric.  I’m guessing the latter.  Oh yes, I will be watching Nobama speak tonight, but it will mostly be to mock him and to make fun of what Michelle Obama is wearing.


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3 Responses to “Nobama Speaks Tonight”

  1. Total Says:

    Until BHO coughs up a REAL certificate of live birth with the raised seal – to me, he isn’t even running.

  2. cindyinatl Says:

    If you want to talk about birth certificates, let’s talk about the fact that McCain was born in the Suez Canal area which makes him a citizen, but not a natural born one (which is the requirement to run for president.) There was a lawsuit regarding this (Google it) and obviously McCain won or he wouldn’t be running. Do you honestly think that someone who was not a citizen of the U.S. would be allowed to run for President? Do you really think no one would scrutinize the qualifications? Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and yes, it was a state at the time. He is a natural born U.S. citizen. Perhaps you think that someone named Tony is not a citizen because he has an Italian name? Get real.

  3. connie Says:

    Emily, it’s not nice to make fun of women for what they are wearing. Do you like it when your dad says your legs look like stuffed sausages in those jeans? It’s not nice. Women, expecially, should not pick on each other.

    Aunt Connie

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