Gas Prices to Plummet


Billy Crystal, the editor of the Weekly Standard said on Fox News back in June that if McCain named Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential nominee the cost of gas would immediately plummet.  I am anxiously looking forward to getting up in the morning to fill up on cheap gas.


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One Response to “Gas Prices to Plummet”

  1. diogenes Says:

    Bill Kristol (not Billy Crystal, who’s almost as funny as some of Bill Kristol’s predictions) has predicted damn near every potential VP candidate a being McBush’s choice. He was bound to be correct on one of them, as long as he kept guessing.

    And if you’re swallowing all of Kristol’s BS, then I can confidently predict that you will wake up filled with cheap gas. But it won’t be inexpensive gasoline.

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