How Obama Stole the Primary Part 1 – His Birth


I wanted to take a chance to go through the way that Obama stole the primary from Hillary.  I thought I’d start at the very beginning–Obam’s Birth.  It is a fairly well-known fact that Obama is not a United States citizen and thus is not eligible to run for President.

This is one of the most troubling parts of Obama stealing the election.  Simply put, he would have been able to pull this off without a considerable conspiracy.  There is no way that Obama could have pulled this off on his own.  In his lawsuit, Phillip Berg, maintains that Obama changes his birth certificate.  However, surely, he couldn’t have just photoshopped his birth certificate and been done with it.  People would have to be paid off for their silence.

I believe that several people wisely reallized that the easiest way to succeed in public life in this country is by being a black male.  You look at people like 50 Cent and Michael Jordan and you know that black men are given instant access to institutions that the rest of us can only dream of.  Obama was picked by these people simply because he was a black man.  The rest was easy.  Simply run a national election and win it.  The key was fixing it so Obama could meet the requirements.

While this isn’t conclusive evidence, look how Obama holds the baseball bat.   His stance is all open, not closed like an American child’s would be.  He holds the bat like a foreign kid.


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9 Responses to “How Obama Stole the Primary Part 1 – His Birth”

  1. Lola Says:

    Wow, that’s true! Being a foreigner myself, I wouldn’t have noticed how awkward little Obama is holding the bat. Thank you for enlightening us about bat-holding.

  2. bjw1951 Says:

    I’m in total agreement. It’s absolutely amazing this is happening in the U.S.A. I look at the American flag and listen to the national anthem with a tremendous degree of sadness and sorrow. To allow a Muslim born in Kenya and white hating wife selected by his black liberation friends a free pass to the White House is the ultimate act of betrayal. Osama did say he would destroy America from the inside.

    Obama Biden
    Osama Bin Laden

    Too scarey to let that happen.

  3. hillismygirl Says:

    Lola – You’re wlecome

    BJW – It is like I have always said the black liberationists control the media and that is the only reason Obama is in this position. While the similarities in name are frightening look at the bright side:

    John McCain
    John McClane – Tough guy action hero from diehard

    Sarah Palin
    Waylon Jennings – Good old boy country singer

  4. diogenes Says:

    Why not Sarah Palin – Michael Palin? The goofy Englishman from Monty Python? (Oh, I know — it wouldn’t fit your goofy theory.)

    It’s a “fairly well-known fact that Obama is not a United States citizen”? Laughable. Obama has supplied a birth crtificate that has been checked out, and the Hawaiian authorities confirm it’s a valid Hawaiaan birth certificate. Only folks with the cute little tinfoil hats think otherwise.

    A kid that young holding a bat that large is happy that they can remorely get it into the right position. He couldn’t effectively swing that bat in a million tries… and you’re talking open and closed stances, proving he’s a foreigner?? Baloney! He’s a little kid trying to look like other older people he’s seen swinging a bat.

    Get a life.

  5. connie Says:

    YEs. Swinging the bat at American citizens trying to help the good people of Indonesia. thank you for pointing out the clear evidence that at his madrassa Obama was taught to hate and be violent to Americans.

  6. diogenes Says:

    Sorry to debunk your “AHA” moment, but….

    Obama didn’t move to Indonesia until he was six years old. The photo has to be Obama as a toddler in Hawaii. (And for your tinfoil-hat-wearing lunatics, Hawaii IS one of the United States.)

    And Obama didn’t attend a madrassa in Indonesia:

  7. thatsrightnate Says:

    Well Hawaii is the most foreign of all states. It didn’t even become a state until 1959 and isn’t part of the 48 contiguous states. If Obama did not attend a madrassa, the only explanation would be there is no affirmative action in Indonesia and his grades weren’t high enough

  8. diogenes Says:

    Uhhhh great comeback!

    Alaska falls into that same category, numbnuts, which is where Sarah Smile comes from.

    There is no IF in “If Obama did not attend a madrassa” because he didn’t attend one. No IFs about it.

    Do you think madrassas have affirmative action? I’m willing to bet you they don’t.

    One does not GRADUATE from Columbia University and graduate WITH HIGH HONORS from Harvard Law because of Affirmative Action. Although John McBush’s admiral daddy and admiral grandaddy pulled a lot of non-affirmative action strings to get Johnnie Flyboy admitted to the Naval Academy. And what did Johnny Flyboy do once he got there? He finished 894 ouf of 899 in his graduating class.

    As Forrest Gump would say, stupid is as stupid does.

  9. fsudirectory Says:

    Is this serious????? LOLOLOLOL

    Man its so terrible to be smart? A black guy smarter than you just makes you feel little

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