Attacks on Palin Show Hidden Mysoginy


I get a kick out of the Obamabots who think that we will vote for the two men on the Democrat ticket because they happen to agree with us on 95%+ of all issues.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  She may believe in teaching creationism and not in global warming, but the point remains she is a woman.

Sexists say that Palin has no foreign policy experience, but remember Alaska is the closest state to Russia and while Russia and the US have had a neutral relationship and Russia has allowed the US to use its airspace for missions into Afghanistan, it is clear that McCain doesn’t intend to keep it that way.  Palin successfully defended the people of Alaska from reindeer, polar bear, and Russian attack for nearly two years and that is critical to the conversation of foreign policy experience.

How did she manage to do it?  She kept a tight ship.  When the chief of the state Public Safety Commissioner wouldn’t fire her brother in law, he was fired.  When she was mayor of Wasilla, she fired the chief of police and the library director for supporting her opponent.  The Russians can spot disunity and Mayor Palin couldn’t afford to be seen as weak.  She was sued by the police chief for breech of contract, but won because in Alaska police officers serve at the behest of the mayor.  Don’t mess with a woman who knows her law.


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4 Responses to “Attacks on Palin Show Hidden Mysoginy”

  1. diogenes Says:

    GREAT satire! You had me agitated until I got to “Palin successfully defended the people of Alaska from reindeer, polar bear, and Russian attack for nearly two years and that is critical to the conversation of foreign policy experience” and then I realized you had to be speaking satirically and sarcasticly.

    Nice job!

  2. fsudirectory Says:

    Id like to know why the PUMA PAC Leader Murphy released e-mails of people that did not support them and go as far as to threaten people and say they are Obama Private Investigators!!

  3. Thornton Says:

    I’m a feminist and even I think Palin should be at home; her family issuses should take precedence. What mother of a special needs child would accept a job which requires so much traveling?
    McCain chose Palin because he knows he won’t win and he doesn’t want to embarrass his bigger friends.

  4. lowercaselibertarian Says:

    Thornton: I’ve been saying that since about mid-September. He realized he was getting old and tired, and looked for an honorable way to tank the election, probably after every worthy Republican woman who got the job offer had said “Thanks but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere”. He couldn’t very well say he was picking the Socialist Labor Party candidate as his VP, so he went and found a wacko nutjob that would (a) make him a feminist hero, (b) appeal to the religious right, and (c) guarantee a loss for him in the election. The rest was just a matter of keeping her muzzled enough of the time to worry the electorate and piss off the media, and let her talk enough to scare the bejeezus out of everyone not under her thrall. It was a brilliant political stroke. And it worked. He can now live out his days as another Lion of the Senate, a Republican Teddy Kennedy, instead of having as his legacy The Greater Depression and The Hundred Years War: The Sequel.

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