My Dad Will Kill Me, But Obama is Hope


My dad will kill me for saying this, but Obama right now is the closest thing we have in this country to hope.  I wanted Hillary.  I wanted to see a President that looked like me.  Obama doesn’t.  He thinks like me though and I think that’s more important.

This whole election, probably like all other elections before it is about crap.  On PBS tonight John McLaughlin wanted to talk about reporters having to ride in John Biden’s plane instead of the Obama plane.  A lot of blogs are talking about Obama’s aunt living here illegally.  I don’t know why my dad hasn’t touched that one yet.  You know what? It doesn’t matter.  None of this crap changes anything about our country anymore than me talking about John McCain’s brother calling 911 to complain about the traffic or Cindy McCain’s half sister being disowned by Cindy matters.

Throughout this election, Barack Obama has given a message of hope.  It may be false hope, but its positive and tangible and it seems like the future might actually change for the better under him.  John McCain has given a message of fear and cleaning up some overspending in Washington.  The overspending in Washington is nothing compared to what we are letting huge corporations do to this country on a daily basis.  They say Obama is a wealth redistributer, but aren’t all politicians?  The rich had their share of the wealth increase under Bush, the middle class had their share shrink.  How is that not wealth redistribution?

Joe the Plumber’s main quality seems to be that he’s too stupid to understand policy so the McCain campaign keeps rolling him out with the message that stupid people like McCain and you should too. Is that really the message we should be sending.  George Bush may not be the worst President we ever had, but he’s got to be the dumbest.  Isn’t it time we elected somebody intelligent?

I like to believe that John McCain was once an honorable man.  I remember how much my dad used to hate him.  I’ve read a lot about his 2000 campaign and if I’m right, the John McCain of 2000 would have punched the John McCain of 2008 in the jaw.  He’s sold out every principle that made him a maverick in the first place.

So I am pulling hard for Obama.  I can’t vote myself and it won’t really matter because he’s going to kick butt on Tuesday.  It is funny because this election is going to effect me as much as anybody, but I have absolutely no say in it.  I guess this is my way of having a say.  Tuesday is coming.  For those of us that this will effect, but that have no voice of our own get out there and support Barack Obama.  Hope is a good thing.  Fear is not.

There are a few things I know:

1. I am dead when my dad reads this

2. I love my dad, but he’s an idiot when it comes to politics

3. 125 pounds is not obese

4. Obama is going to win Tuesday

5. It feels good to actually be the one posting in my blog



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12 Responses to “My Dad Will Kill Me, But Obama is Hope”

  1. dyricci Says:

    You GO, Emily! If Nate’s your dad, I agree with #2 in your post!
    Your blog is for YOUR thoughts and we all are completely at the mercy of our own concience. There’s something that I’ve been saying for about 15 years now…and even my mom has started saying it:
    “I live with myself for the rest of my life.”
    Others come and go, parents included, but at the end of the day, YOU are the one that must live with your decisions and actions.

    I believe the majority of women that previously supported Hillary Clinton are strong intelligent women that support (for the most part) her opinions and agenda as shown here:

    Now, compare that with Sarah Palin’s opinions/stance:
    (And with John McCain:

    I cannot fathom how any strong, intelligent woman, that previously even considered supporting Hillary Clinton (and I count myself in this company), could even remotely consider voting for McCain/Palin! If you were ever truely with Hillary during the primary and believed in her platform, then seriously you should be with Hillary in the last hour…and VOTE OBAMA. I mean…Hillary herself has been campaigning for Obama since he received the nomination. A vote for McCain/Palin is a slap in Hillary’s face and the act worthy of the “Bimbos” that the GOP obviously think women are!

    I have voted for Obama and here are some, though not all, the reasons why:

    I believe that he genuinely cares about the American people and therefore will work to implement policies with regard to health care, education and the economy that will help make us a stronger country.

    I believe he will again bring integrity to the office of the President and will be able help heal the rift that has deepened between the US and the rest of the world.

    I believe that the war in Iraq is wrong and that Obama knows it’s time to ease out of their country and can get that done.

    I believe we need to encourage the steer away from our dependence on oil, and I believe he has a viable plan to get that started.

    I do not believe that McCain will do any of these things. I don’t even think he believes them to be necessary.

    And even if McCain were to have said he would do these things, I would not believe him. I lived in Arizona for all of the 1980s and was glad to leave there for here in 1989 and therefore not have him “represent” me…because he didn’t then, and he doesn’t now.

    A vote for McCain is a vote for the PAST.
    A vote for Obama is a vote for the FUTURE.

    I vote for Barack Obama because I believe him to be, by far, the best man for the job.


  2. thatsrightnate Says:

    You better take this down. We agreed this was going to be a pro-McCain blog. I don’t know what’s gotten into you young lady, but I don’t like it one bit.

  3. freespeech1787 Says:

    thatsrightnate: The First amendment of the Constitution guarantees something. Freedom of speech. If you do not like it, it is not your blog. You have one, write there. America was founded on the principles of freedom. Therefore, this is her blog and she has the right to have her say no matter how much you or I disagree. That is why my username is as it is. The right to free speech was started in 1787 and fully ratified in 1790 by the colonies. Also, agreements are made to be broken sometimes. You go Emily! Be well! 🙂
    We the people, in order to form a more perfect union….

  4. Go have read of this and think about it…… « Freespeech1787’s Blog Says:

    […] Go have read of this and think about it…… This is the blog….. C.O.U.G.A.Rs for Clinton […]

  5. thatsrightnate Says:

    Emily honey, for God’s sake take this down honey. I will take you shopping Wednesday or we can go out for ice cream if you like. I probably just haven’t been paying enough attention to you. Please sweetie–for daddy.

  6. steve Says:

    Emily, you are a very ungrateful daughter. And, while 125 pounds might not, technically, be “fat.” It certainly isn’t attractive to wealthier boys.

    Nate, this is what you get for sending your daughter to public school because of the No Child Left Behind Act. My kids are all with McCain/Palin all the way.

  7. Dollface Says:

    It’s too bad you can’t vote. This will be my first time voting, which is pretty awesome. Don’t worry, though, you can vote in 2012 and make sure Palin doesn’t get anywhere near the Presidency (for a second time).

    P.S. I hope 125 lbs isn’t obese. If so, I should hit the gym. Or get liposuction.

  8. freespeech1787 Says:

    You have a right to voice your opinion, but don’t try to impinge upon her freedom. As far as indoctrinating your children to be for who you choose, that is wrong. They should be allowed to see both sides, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth then decide on their own. Free to disagree. Or do we teach our children that they have no rights under the constitution until they are 18 and/or move out on their own? That they are to do the same to their children when they are teens? Ben Franklin, John Adams, and others didn’t set up our constitution that way. It was freedom for all in a respect ( I admit African Americans and women got it later, but they got it.) True Patriots Unite!

  9. steve Says:

    Ben Franklin was dead and John Adams was out of the country when the Constitution was written. they had nothing to do with it.

    As to your interference in my family’s private life, which is all you liebrals want, my children, myself, and my lovely wife will happily continue to vote exactly as our Holy Father directs.

    And, Nate, I hope you will come to your senses as a result of Emily’s rebellion and enroll her, at once, in Our Lady of Perpetual Innocence. It’s the only thing that will save her at this point.

  10. freespeech1787 Says:

    I am not one to interfere in your private life Steve. Not at all. But every man, woman, and child should be 100% free to express their views how they like. My parents and I even disagree, but we agree to disagree. Also, I am NOT a liberal and why are you telling Nate how to raise his daughter? As well, I know what the Holy Father dictates. You know me not. I happen to be an ultra conservative patriot and minister. To me, John McCain was not conservative enough. My heroes are ones like Ron Paul, R.Lee Ermey, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Jesse Ventura, and others. You sir, I will wish you a good day and ask you only to let people be free as I let them be free.

  11. madmonq Says:

    Bravo ma’am. Bravo

  12. Cougarslike Says:

    Hey Clinton as Sec of State. Not to shabby huh?

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