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Attacks on Palin Show Hidden Mysoginy

August 31, 2008

I get a kick out of the Obamabots who think that we will vote for the two men on the Democrat ticket because they happen to agree with us on 95%+ of all issues.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  She may believe in teaching creationism and not in global warming, but the point remains she is a woman.

Sexists say that Palin has no foreign policy experience, but remember Alaska is the closest state to Russia and while Russia and the US have had a neutral relationship and Russia has allowed the US to use its airspace for missions into Afghanistan, it is clear that McCain doesn’t intend to keep it that way.  Palin successfully defended the people of Alaska from reindeer, polar bear, and Russian attack for nearly two years and that is critical to the conversation of foreign policy experience.

How did she manage to do it?  She kept a tight ship.  When the chief of the state Public Safety Commissioner wouldn’t fire her brother in law, he was fired.  When she was mayor of Wasilla, she fired the chief of police and the library director for supporting her opponent.  The Russians can spot disunity and Mayor Palin couldn’t afford to be seen as weak.  She was sued by the police chief for breech of contract, but won because in Alaska police officers serve at the behest of the mayor.  Don’t mess with a woman who knows her law.


Gas Prices to Plummet

August 30, 2008

Billy Crystal, the editor of the Weekly Standard said on Fox News back in June that if McCain named Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential nominee the cost of gas would immediately plummet.  I am anxiously looking forward to getting up in the morning to fill up on cheap gas.

McCain Makes a Girl His VP!

August 29, 2008

When Barack Obama named Joe Biden as his vice-president it signaled that Obama did not have much confidence in his own experience or judgement and needed a more seasoned politician to help him out.  By choosing a woman with less experience than Barack Obama, McCain has shown that he is totally confident in his own experience and judgement to lead.  I am too.

At first, it might seem kind of strange to think of a girl in such a high political office, but really being a Vice-President is a lot like being a wife.  Your job mostly is to make excuses for the President, go to functions he doesn’t want to go to, run the senate even though they don’t let you vote, and make sure the President takes his medication.  These are all jobs that are well-suited for a woman.

Palin, like McCain is a maverick.  She won’t even let lobbyists in her office which is probably why she didn’t reallize she was on McCain’s short bus.  Senator Ted Stevens has represented Alaska since the Kennedy administration.  He said of Palin and her running mate for governor, “We have a state that needs new management.  These two people represent a new generation and they represent a new vision, a new energy.  They represent the kind of people who should come along and take our places.”  That’s high praise indeed from Alaska’s senior statesman.

Let’s face it at 72, McCain is an extra order of bacon from having a fatal grabber.  If he does Palin will become the country’s first woman President.  Her nearly 2 years of experience as governor of a state with a population bigger than all, but 17 cities in this country.  As it was pointed out on Fox News today, Alaska is next to Russia and she has managed to avoid any kind of invasion or undo Russian influence unlike Georgia.  She has also brings her expertise at culling the reindeer population to the lower 48.

With McCain’s own daughters nearing the aging of serious romantic relationships, I’m sure that they would be happy to have Aunt Sarah in office to make sure that they never get their heart broken by a federal employee without consequences.

Let’s ride John McCain’s coat tails to history lady.  McCain/Palin ’08 and one bout of snow shoveling by John McCain could be our path to history.