Listen to What They’re Not Saying


Nobody has denied that Obama is a secret Muslim.

Speakers at the Democrat National Convention have been quick to deny that Obama isn’t ready to be President or that he doesn’t have the expertise on the economy or foreign policy, but what haven’t they been saying.   With all the speakers, nobody has denied that Obama is a secret Muslim.  I would think that this is something the Democratic party would really want to clear up…unless of course its true.

Nobody has denied that Obama is ineligible to run for President because he is a citizen of Indonesia and not of the United States.   How strange.  Isn’t the something that it would be a good idea for even one of the Democrat speakers to clear up?  Well of course unless its true.

If you were a Presidential candidate who had a big flag painted on the outside of your plane, wouldn’t you want one of your surogates to let the people of the United States know this?  So far nobody has gotten up in front of the convention to claim this which puts doubt on Obama’s denial of charges that there is no flag on his plane.

Sure its easy for Democrats like us to get wrapped up in the convention, but ask yourself not just what they are saying, but what aren’t they saying?  It seems to me when a false charge is made against you, denial is an important first step…unless of course its true.


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2 Responses to “Listen to What They’re Not Saying”

  1. tlomlwingo Says:

    Do you get all of your information from email forwards? Clearly you’ve never been to Obama’s website, because he has a copy of his birth certificate posted there (born in Hawaii, AFTER it became a state). Your claim that Obama is a Muslim is one of the oldest, most debunked rumors floating around about him. To say that he is a Muslim is absurd. He has emphatically denied this, and denies it on his website. To waste time denying it further at the DNC would be ridiculous.

    [And by the way, despite the fact that Obama is NOT a Muslim, I (a Christian) resent the idea that someone’s personal religion (whatever it may be) would disqualify them from running for President.]

  2. hillismygirl Says:

    I do not get all my information from email forwards. In addition to Fox News, there are plenty of radio shows, and web sites that aren’t afraid to be fair and balance.

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